Lennox Lewis

lennox lewis

Born Lennox Claudius; (September 2, 1965) Lewis had Jamaican parents and spent his early childhood in England before moving to Toronto, Canada with his Mother Violte at the age of twelve.   Lewis represented Canada at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.   By the late eighties he was back in England and fast making a name for himself, after only his fifteenth professional fight Lewis had secured the British Heavyweight title after a demolition of Gary Mason inside seven rounds in March 1991.   A year later Lewis was awarded the WBC title by default, (without throwing a punch) much the same as Ernie Terrell in the 1960s John Tate in the 1970s. Lewis had been one of three top contenders for the strap held by Evander Holyfield; the others included Donovan “Razor” Ruddock and Riddick Bowe.   A deal was done Lewis would fight Ruddock, with the winner to fight whoever came out on top in the Bowe – Holyfield bout.    On Oct 31st, 1992 Lewis Knocked out Ruddock in the second round, he would now sit back and wait for the winner of the Holyfield - Bowe clash due to take place in two weeks. Bowe won a unanimous decision but refused to sign a meeting with Lewis; the WBC stripped the title form Bowe and awarded the title to Lewis.

Lewis successfully defended his title three times against Tony tucker, Frank Bruno and Phil Jackson before losing to American Oliver McCall on September, 1994.   For the next few years Lewis won all his fights and worked to secure another championship fight. In 1997 American boxer Mike Tyson held the WBC heavyweight title but was unwilling to face the much taller Lewis. When a court order demanded that Tyson defend his crown against Lewis, he surrendered the title.   On February 7, 1997, Lewis again faced McCall for the vacant WBC crown and won by technical knockout in the fifth round after McCall refused to fight.   A unification bout in March 1999 at New York City’s Madison Square Garden against American Evander Holyfield, who held the heavyweight titles of the WBA and the IBF ended in a controversial draw. The November rematch in Las Vegas, Nevada, was another closely scored fight, but Lewis landed more punches and emerged, finally, as the undisputed champion of the heavyweight division.

In April 2000 Lewis was stripped of the WBA portion of his title after a legal dispute with the promoter Don King. The same year Lewis went on to defeat Michael Grant, Franz Botha, and David Tua to retain his IBF and WBC heavyweight titles. The Boxing world was shaken in April 2002 when underdog Hasim Rahman produced a sensational in a fifth-round knockout of Lewis in South Africa.   A rematch was agreed upon immediately and the two met seven months later in Las Vegas, Lewis reclaimed his title from Rahman, knocking him out in the fourth round. After much legal and business wrangling, a bout with Tyson was finally set for June 8, 2002, in Memphis, Tennessee.   This fight was the highest-grossing Heavyweight event in pay-per-view history, generating $106.9 million from 1.95 million buys in the USA.   Lewis knocked Tyson out in the eighth round of a one sided fight. In the fall of 2002, Lewis relinquished the IBF portion of his heavyweight title. While still recognized as the legitimate heavyweight world champion, Lewis announced his retirement in 2004 with a record of 41 wins (32 by knockout), 2 losses, and 1 draw.

Lewis fought Vitali Klitschko, the WBC's No. 1 contender and former WBO titlist. They agreed to square off on June 21, 2003. Lewis entered the ring at a career high 256 pounds.   Lewis was dominated in the early rounds and was wobbled in round two by solid Klitschko punches. Lewis opened a cut above Klitschko's eye with a right cross in the third round and gave a better showing in the fifth and sixth rounds. Before the start of round seven the doctor advised that the fight should be stopped due to a severe cut above Klitschko's left eye, awarding Lewis victory by TKO. Klitschko was leading 58-56 on all three judges’ scorecards when the fight was stopped.

Along with Gene Tunney and Rocky Marciano he is one of three world heavyweight champions to have retired after defeating every opponent he had faced, in doing so Lewis avenged his only two defeats.

Lennox Lewis Professional Record: 41-2-1 (31)

27-Jun Al Malcolm W TKO 2 London, England
21-Jul Bruce Johnson W TKO 2 Atlantic City, New Jersey
25-Sept Andrew Gerrard W TKO 4 London, England
10-Oct Steve Garber W KO 1 Hull, England
5-Nov Melvin Epps W DQ 2 London, England
18-Dec Greg Gorrell W TKO 5 Ontario, Canada
31-Jan Noel Quarless W TKO 2 London, England
22-Mar Calvin Jones W KO 1 Gateshead, England
14-Apr Michael Simuwelu W TKO 1 London, England
9-May Jorge Alfredo Dascola W KO 1 London, England
20-May Dan Murphy W TKO 6 Sheffield, England
27-Jun Ossie Ocasio W 8 London, England
11-Jul Mike Acey W TKO 2 Ontario, Canada
31-Oct Jean Chanet W TKO 6 London, England
6-Mar Gary Mason W TKO 7 London, England
12-Jul Mike Weaver W TKO 6 Tahoe, NV
30-Sept Glenn McCrory W KO 2 London, England
23-Nov Tyrell Biggs W TKO 3 Atlanta, Georgia
1-Feb Levi Billups W 10 Las Vegas, NV
30-Apr Derek Williams W TKO 3 London, England
11-Aug Mike Dixon W TKO 4 Atlantic City, New Jersey
31-Oct Donovan Ruddock W TKO 2 London, England
8-May Tony Tucker W 12 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC Heavyweight title
1-Oct Frank Bruno W TKO 7 Cardiff, Wales
  WBC Heavyweight title  
6-May Phil Jackson W TKO 8 Atlantic City, New Jersey
  WBC Heavyweight title  
24-Sept Oliver McCall L TKO 2 London, England
  WBC Heavyweight title  
13-May Lionel Butler W TKO 5 Sacramento, CA
2-Jul Justin Fortune W TKO 4 Dublin, Ireland
7-Oct Tommy Morrison W TKO 6 Atlantic City, New Jersey
10-May Ray Mercer W 10 MSG, |New York, NY
7-Feb Oliver McCall W TKO 5 Las Vegas, NV
  WBC Heavyweight title  
12-Jul Henry Akinwande W DQ 5 Tahoe, NV
  WBC Heavyweight title  
4-Oct Andrew Golota W KO 1 Atlantic City, New Jersey
  WBC Heavyweight title  
28-Mar Shannon Briggs W TKO 5 Atlantic City, New Jersey
  WBC Heavyweight title  
26-Sept Zel Mavrovic W 12 Uncasville, Connecticut
  WBC Heavyweight title  
13-Mar Evander Holyfield D 12 MSG , New York, NY
  WBC - WBA- IBF Heavyweight title  
13-Nov Evander Holyfield W 12 Las Vegas, NV
  WBC - WBA - IBF Heavyweight title  
29-Apr Michael Grant W KO 2 MSG, New York, NY
  WBC - IBF Heavyweight title    
15-Jul Francois Botha W TKO 2 London, England
  WBC - IBF Heavyweight title    
11-Nov David Tua W 12 Las Vegas, NV
  WBC - IBF Heavyweight title    
22-Apr Hasim Rahman L KO 5 Gauteng, South Africa
  WBC - IBF Heavyweight title    
17-Nov Hasim Rahman W KO 4 Las Vegas, NV
  WBC - IBF Heavyweight title    
  Mike Tyson W KO 8 Memphis, Tennessee
  WBC - IBF Heavyweight title    
21-Jun Vitali Klitschko W TKO 6 Los Angeles, CA
  WBC Heavyweight title